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Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturers, Supplier & Stockist in India - Delta Fitt Inc

Delta Fitt Inc. (An Extended Unit of WMI Group) is a leading Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India. Fasteners are integral in construction and industrial applications, helping ensure their integrity and longevity. Adhering to rigorous quality standards, ASTM A193 B8 ensures high reliability and durability even under rigorous environmental conditions.

We are one of the largest Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India. Reputable stud bolt manufacturers provide superior, precision-engineered stud bolts designed to meet the stringent demands of multiple industries, offering a selection of products. Their mission is to prioritize craftsmanship and material quality as critical factors of their products' reliability and long-term viability. Customizing fasteners to each project's specific requirements, using M10 stainless stud, M6 stainless stud and M8 stainless stud exhibits versatility by accommodating various load and size specifications.

 Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India

ASTM A193 B8, M10 Stainless Stud, SS 304 Bolts, Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturers In India

Our company is one of the largest Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Supplier in India. Industrial stud bolt manufacturers produce robust and long-lasting bolts explicitly tailored for heavy-duty applications, using industrial-grade materials and precise manufacturing processes to meet these rigorous demands. Their role is essential in providing components capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments.

Stud bolt stockists play an invaluable role in the fastener industry by maintaining an extensive inventory of stud bolts in various sizes, materials, and specifications. Their rapid availability enables quick procurement processes for construction, manufacturing, and maintenance projects. We are also a well-known Stainless Steel Hex Bolts Manufacturer in India.

Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Specifications, Standard, Size & Grades

As a leading Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturers, there are a few key specifications for high quality SS Stud Bolt you need to know before purchasing. A comprehensive yet reliable solution using threaded studs and nuts offers the completeness of connection for greater precision and adaptability. Collaboration with reliable stainless steel stud bolt suppliers in India is vital when seeking top-quality components for projects to ensure fasteners meet industry standards and project requirements. Fasteners that adhere to these criteria contribute significantly towards strengthening structures while adding peace of mind for lasting projects.

Standards All International Standards and ASTM, DIN, BS
Sizes Metric 3/6" to 2" | M3 to M56 or Custom Sizes Available as per requirement
Available Length Of Stud Bolt 3 mm to 200 mm
Surface Finish Plain, Zinc Plated, or Hot-Dip Galvanized
Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 304H, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H, 316, 316TI, 316H, 316 LN, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347 H, 904L, SMO 254.

Top Selling Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Types

Delta Fitt Inc stands for quality and excellence. We are the top Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India.

SS Stud Bolt Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Stud Bolts are frequently produced from austenitic stainless steel grades, which have high corrosion resistance and mechanical qualities.

Grade Material Designation Carbon (C) Manganese (Mn) Phosphorus (P) Sulfur (S) Silicon (Si) Chromium (Cr) Nickel (Ni) Molybdenum (Mo) Other Elements
B8 ASTM A193, Class 1 ≤ 0.08 ≤ 2.00 ≤ 0.045 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 1.00 18.0-20.0 8.0-11.0 - -
B8M ASTM A193, Class 2 ≤ 0.08 ≤ 2.00 ≤ 0.045 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 1.00 16.0-18.0 10.0-15.0 2.0-3.0 -
B8T ASTM A193, Class 2 ≤ 0.08 ≤ 2.00 ≤ 0.045 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 1.00 18.0-20.0 8.0-11.0 - Titanium (Ti): 5x(Carbon) min, 0.65-1.10% max

SS Stud Bolt Mechanical Properties

The Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Stud Bolt are highly valued in various industries, such as chemical, oil and gas, pulp, and paper. Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer and Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Supplier play a critical role in ensuring that these mechanical properties are carefully engineered and maintained during the manufacturing process

Grade Material Designation Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa) Elongation (%)
B8 ASTM A193, Class 1 860 min 550 min 20 min
B8M ASTM A193, Class 2 860 min 650 min 20 min
B8T ASTM A193, Class 2 860 min 550 min 30 min
Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist & Exporter in India Delta Fitt Inc.

Additional Information of ASTM A493 Stud Bolt Supplier

  • Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging: ASTM A314 Stud Bolt are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax: 18% GST.

Client Projects For Stainless Steel Stud Bolt

As a Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Stockist, We stand for high-quality and on-time deliveries of SS Stud Bolt, and competitive pricing and our clientele is familiar with them. Throughout India, Stainless Steel 321 Stud Bolt have been supplied to a variety of places, and industries. If you have questions regarding the products and services, email us at or a WhatsApp message at +91 98708 13113 with your specifications.

Product supplied City
Stainless Steel 304H Stud Bolt Supplied To Oil & Gas Industry Rajkot, Gujarat
SS 309H Stud Bolt Supplier Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Stainless Steel 317L Stud Bolt Manufacturer Delhi, New Delhi
Stainless Steel 304L Stud Bolt Supplier Chennai, Kolkata, Pune

Applications and Uses of SS Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India

For applications requiring corrosion resistance and strength, stainless steel 304 stud bolts offer an effective solution. When the grip is paramount in speciality applications such as manufacturing plants or construction sites, using square U bolts helps secure stability and resilience. Precision and adaptability are epitomized by incorporating stainless steel threaded studs that offer flexibility when connecting various components.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Power Plant
  • Refinery Industry
  • Sugar Mills
  • Ship Building Industry
  • Marine Industry
Industries We Supply

Cities We Supply Stainless Steel Stud Bolt

Delta Fitt Inc is one of the top Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Suppliers in India. Our ASTM A314 Stud Bolts are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications to securely connect two or more components in machines and engines. The given products are valued for their accurate dimensions, high strength, durability, ease of installation, consistent threading, and sturdiness.

Countries We Export Stainless Steel Stud Bolt

Delta Fitt Inc. have experienced quality auditors who perform final product quality checks in accordance with industry standards. Our professionals collaborate with customers to create high-quality SS Stud Bolt that meet client specifications.

Countries We Supply SS Heavy Hex Bolt

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